Microwave and RF, Components and Assemblies

Highmont represents Spectrum Control who offer a wide range of products for microwave and RF.

Spectrum Control specializes in custom made products and has four major divisions see link www.specemc.com.

Spectrum can make small volume tuned RF modules which are ideal for test equipment assemblies.

Spectrum Advanced Specialty Products; Power Filters, Coaxial Power Filters, Antennas.

Spectrum Sensors and Controls; Potentiometers, Temperature sensors and Inertia sensors and systems Spectrum Microwave; RF and Microwave Filters, Frequency Sources (PLO and Synthesizers,) Frequency Components (VCOs, detectors Amplifiers,) Integrated Solutions (MROs, 883 qualified OP-Amps.)

Spectrum Power Management Systems; AC and DC specialty solutions including power up sequencing.


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